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and Palanikumar K.; “Analysis of the Machining characteristics on Surface Roughness of a hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite (Al6061-Si C-Al2O3)”, Journal of Minerals & Material Characterization & Engineering, Vol. Paulo Davim J.; “An investigation of the effect of work piece reinforcing percentage on the machinability of Al-Si C metal matrix composites”, Journal of mechanical Engineering Research, Vol. The main objective of this paper is to fabricate an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) set up for the CI engine and produce biodiesel from sunflower oil then investigates the usage of biodiesel in the diesel engine without any engine modification. Experiments are conducted in a single cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine with 10 % EGR and without EGR. Experimental studies on emission and performance characteristics in diesel engine using biodiesel blend and EGR(Exhaust gas recirculation) International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering 2250-2459, 2012. Nagarajan An experimental investigation on performance and emissions study with port injection using diesel as an ignition source for different EGR flow rates international journal of hydrogen energy 33, 4456 – 4462, 2008.

The analysis also brings out the fact that settlement in a raft foundation depends on the stiffness of the soil. There are many advantages of biodiesel but it is not so popular because of high NOx emission.

These materials are developed for engine blocks, bearing for steering system, propeller vanes, drive shafts in aircraft. Shin Kwang-Sup.; “Experimental study of surface integrity during end milling of Al/Si C particulate metal-matrix composites”, Journal of material processing technology 201 (2007) pp.574-579. Manoj single and Deepak dwivedi D.; “Development of aluminium based silicon carbide particulate metal matrix composite”, Journal of Minerals & Material Characterization & Engineering, Vol.

Theinnoi Engine performance and emissions of a diesel engine operating on diesel-RME (rapeseed methyl ester) blends with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) Energy 32, 2072–2080, 2007. Deepak Agarwal, Shailendra Sinha, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Experimental investigation of control of NOx emissions in biodiesel-fueled compression ignition engine Renewable Energy 31 pp 2356-2369, 2006. These hybrid metal matrix composites (hybrid MMCS) are finding increased applications because of improved mechanical and tribological properties than the single reinforced composites.

Abstract: This study presents an analysis of beams, columns and raft, in a multistoried building structure, supported by elastic foundation.

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The structure is analyzed using E-Tab and Safe software for three different values of modulus of subgrade reaction ‘K’ pertaining to different soil types, and it has been compared with the structure having fixed supports representing rigid base. N., 2006, “Static soil–structure interaction response of hyperbolic cooling towers to symmetrical wind loads,” Engineering Structures, Volume 28, Issue 9, Pages 1236-1251.

“A Low Power 2.4-GHz Current Reuse VCO for Low Power Miniaturized Transceiver System.” 2012 IEEE International Conference on Electronics Design, Systems and Applications (ICEDSA)Abstract: Multilevel inverters are suitable of high power handling capacity, associated with lower output harmonics and lower commutation losses.

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