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19-Oct-2019 23:10

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I could tell when you stood up for cops pointing a gun at a woman and her small child over not complying hard enough and 99¢ worth of merchandise. I guess that wasn't condemning them fast enough for your trolling anarchist ass.

You further proved your good faith by damage controlling for the lack of accountability with body cams because of police potty breaks. I've always been on the record as being pro-body cam, pro punishment for unexplained cam-offs during questionable incidents, with reasonable exceptions for human dignity.

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That footage is just being archived on a server somewhere, never to see the light of day until there is a request to pull the footage for it's evidenciary value or because of a complaint. I said the cops were out of line, and wanted to know how they even came to be in the situation to begin with.Obviously, both teens have hot slender bodies and to make this story complete; these Latinas like wear the same outfits. Because to be honest, from this angle they look like they could be sisters or something, but I guess that is not the case.