Abby lincoln nigel uno dating fanfiction

01-Apr-2020 12:13

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D.) * Had brown hair until the DCFDTL made him bald * Is afraid of flies (Operation T.

N.) * Hates the beach * Doesn’t get ice cream headaches * Pistachio is his favorite ice cream (Operation L.

As the boy hit the ice he was surpised but got up to only fall down. "My name is Y/n Uno, one day I'll be Numbeh 0.1. " Y/n asked him as he blushed bright red as he took hold of her hand as she pulled his up onto his feet.

"Chad Dickson, one day Numbeh 274 and your right girls can fight plus I believe I now owe you a slushie." He said smiling as she pulled him into a headlock hug before running over to her friends Cree and Maurice.

That was until a weapon ball headed towards her, she moved her hand back and caught it with ease while turning around seeing her friends Cree and Maurice pointing at a boy with blonde hair holding a recently fired 2x4 weapon. You two are sparing partners as of today so show us all what you got." The supreme leader said towards them as the boy scoffed making the leader and young Y/n Uno look at him.

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he runs around screaming like a little girl, thats when Numbuh 5 steps in to help.

She put on some lite red lipstick onto her lips slowly as her mum and dad called her downstairs.

"Y/n darling, tea cake your boyfriend is here to pick you up." They said together as Y/n grabbed her black purse then walked out of her bedroom as she saw her little brother and his friends in front of her.

" She said while he yelled out blushing towards Y/n. **)Present(** Chad smiled remembering how they first became friends, a team of the best of kids next door operatives ever had, how they became the greatest in the K. Kuki and Abby smiled at the sweetest of them while the boys gagged quietly.

Y/n span around looking up at the sky smiling before looking over at Chad and pulled him close to her. E.) * Second oldest member of Sector V (unconfirmed) ***SPOILER*** In Operation I.

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