Absolute beginners guide to online dating

25-Oct-2019 21:10

Part VI, "Coping with Ups and Downs," tells you how to stay sane while putting yourself online. Part V, "There's a Match Out There for Everyone," covers the many specialty dating sites available for those with individual needs and interests.The book offers recommendations of the top services and sites for each of these groups, with price and feature comparisons as well as screen shots that show the reader how to navigate through the sites.Complete with stories of successful relationships that originated online and tales of negative experiences to learn from, readers of this book will be reassured that online dating is not only safe and private, but in many ways better than traditional methods. After you have used the content covered in this book, you might want to use other books published by Que, such as Easy Internet, Fourth Edition by Joe Kraynak. You will get tips on how to maintain your privacy, change your profile, get support, and deal with dates that don't turn out as well as you hoped.The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Online Dating will help you acquire the skills to attract a future mate based on personality, values and interests using e-mail, chat and the Web.

Part III, "Putting Yourself Out There," examines how to make a presentation that will stand out from the crowd and attract responses.Greg Holden is the owner of Stylus Media, which creates Web pages for other small businesses.