Accommodating elderly workplace

04-Apr-2020 12:44

The 57-year-old compliance manager, who has been with Maybank for nearly 40 years, said: "It is a matter of being given time to get used to the new system, and also have somebody to mentor him or her on how to use it.That makes a difference." Mindsets of older workers have already changed a lot, with mature job seekers more realistic about the positions and salaries they can command.Singapore International Chamber of Commerce chief executive Victor Mills, 56, warned "lazy recruiting" can cause employers to "pre-judge" workers even before an interview.Citing his previous experience as a mature job seeker for 22 months, he said: "If you are over 40, you are almost always bound to be told you are too old, too expensive, too set in your ways, too overqualified..." ST senior manpower correspondent Toh Yong Chuan said it falls "squarely" on employers to redesign jobs to accommodate elderly workers.Older staff should not limit themselves psychologically when dealing with younger colleagues and new technology, panellists argued.

This highlights the urgent need for greater workplace precautions to protect older workers.The 'baby boom' population has an impact on both the age distribution in the workforce and the size of the retired population.Statistics Canada (2011) states that "Nearly one person in four in the labour force projected to be 55 or more: The aging of the baby boomers, which is largely behind the projected decline in the overall participation rate, has had a major impact on the aging of the labour force.Between 20, the proportion of people in the labour force aged 55 and over rose from 10% to 17%, an increase of 7 percentage points in nine years.

The first baby boomers reached the age of 55 in 2001.Statistics Canada, 2011 In addition to individuals leaving the workforce, the number of older people who work part-time or have other flexible work arrangements is also increasing.