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12-Dec-2019 11:00

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Benway examines love, belonging, and different definitions of family through a delicate network of connections—platonic and romantic, blood and otherwise—as the three work up the courage to seek out the mother who cut off all contact when she gave them away.

Grace’s story is particularly moving, as she learns how to survive the loss of “Peach,” the baby whose life she determined would be better with another family, but whose delivery room cry still haunts her. Malcolm’s small world becomes populated with scholars and lords, evil men and church toadies, before a flood to end all floods sweeps the usual order away.

And great news for everyone who has already fallen in love with this devastatingly charming trio: Felicity is getting her own book!

, by Ibi Zoboi Fabiola leaves Haiti to claim her piece of the American dream, but when her mother is indefinitely detained, it casts a shadow over Fabiola’s new Detroit life with her aunt and trio of tough-as-nails cousins.

Thomas’s eye for telling detail is true, her dialogue is perfect, and her characters are so concisely drawn you can see every one of them with stunning clarity.

A pair of free tickets from Caraval’s elusive ringmaster, Legend, leads the sisters into the heart of the game, where one will go missing and one will risk losing herself to Legend’s dangerous enchantments.

If only she could ignore his heated stares and stop thinking about doing hot and dirty things with him. Too bad he’s committed to making her break every rule…Football has been good to Drew.

It’s given him recognition, two National Championships, and the Heisman.

, by Mackenzi Lee This gorgeously written love story comes across like a wildly charming romantic romp, then bops you over the head with emotional depth and prose you can’t quit.

Monty and Percy are set to take the Continent by storm, before settling into the lives their parents have planned for them: Monty will step into his detestable father’s shoes, and Percy is destined for something much darker.But at the heart of the hype is the wonderful story of Starr Carter, sole witness to her childhood friend’s killing by a white cop during a traffic stop.