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Synergy Between Production of Natural Gas and Warm Water: A Reservoir Modeling Exercise Assessing Recovery Factor Sensitivity, Jeroen Van der Molen, Maaike Van der Meulen, Elisabeth Peters, Joeri Brackenhoff, Farid Jedari-Eyvazi, Serge Van Gessel, and Harmen Mijnlieff, #80700 (2019). Understanding the Role of the First Carrier Bed: Simple Rules of Thumb and Best Practice That Can Help Reduce Dry Hole Rate, Zhiyong He, #42422 (2019). Coffin, Paula Rose, Ingo Pecher, Gareth Crutchley, and Joshu Mountjoy, #30622 (2019). Production Profiles and Geologic Characteristics of the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring Plays of the Delaware Basin, Olga Popova, Emily Geary, April Patel, Gary Long, Jeffrey Little, Steven Grape, and Elizabeth Panarelli, #11238 (2019). Application of Stimulation Design to a Geothermal Project: The Draškovec Geothermal Pilot, Croatia, Giovanni Sosio, Laura Nistor, Jonathan Abbott, and Lorenz Ueing, #42382 (2019). Reactive Transport Modeling Approach to Studying Silicification of Carbonates, Beatriz Garcia-Fresca, Tatyana Gabellone, and Fiona Whitaker, #51580 (2019). Reservoir Implications of Facies and Diagenetic Variability in an Oolitic Grainstone: Pleistocene Miami Oolite, Paul (Mitch) Harris and Sam Purkis, #51577 (2019).

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