Am dating muslim guy short introduction for dating

28-Oct-2019 08:18

I suppose I am nervous to ask him because I'm worried I will not like his answer, and we have only been together for a few months, although emotionally the relationship has escalated quickly and greatly.

For what it is worth, we are both American and he is of Indian descent. Thank you :)One thing to look out for is that once kids come into the picture, things become 10x more complicated than your current view regarding no qualms about raising the kids as Muslim.

Think about openly discussing it with him and at the same time, consider learning more about the religion. Read the [quran] ( it's a good place to start. There must be a spectrum just like with other religions with regards to how liberally someone follows Islam right? I may be wrong on this, but from my observations, Indian/Paki Muslims tend to prefer marriage within their own ethnicities.

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And he is indeed very devout (as far as I can tell) - he prays 5 times a day, regularly attends conferences and visits mosques, abstains from drugs and alcohol, and gets so excited to talk about and share his faith with me and others.

He is so passionate about his religion and it gives him meaning. I'm trying to educate myself about Islam so that I can understand and support him fully. We have broached the topic of introducing me to his parents and he is open to it, however I'm not sure if that means he wants to introduce me as a romantic partner or just as a friend.

I do realize that if we have children, there would be unforeseen (at least to my naive eyes) challenges, but I don't think they would be insurmountable. From what I have gleaned, he is actually more devout than they are - but I do not know if marrying a Catholic would be permissible to them. It's permissible in Islam for a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman who has not had extra-marital sex.

Is there any way he could possibly justify being with me if he follows Islam so strictly in all other areas of his life?

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Or am I just a place holder until a Muslim woman comes along?Hypothetically if we did get married, I would have absolutely 0 qualms about raising my children Muslim.