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03-Feb-2020 11:45

Rather recently, Richie Sambora, her ex-husband (and Denise Richards’ ex-fling), was caught driving under the influence with their two children in the car.We at Mavrix Online hope that Heather and Richie recover from whatever it is that is troubling them, for their kids’ sake if nothing else.It makes me want to toss a few black eyeliner pencils and a bass guitar at my little brother and tell him to “go be somebody”. [singlepic=984,,,,center] Katherine Heigl has two things going for her: a glamorous mother and a killer sense of style.I have a hard time believing it’s so cold in Southern California that she needs a jumbo scarf and sweater, but whatever.However, costars Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley have decided to call it quits.

She’s perfection personified By comparison, all of the women around her look like they should be under a bridge somewhere, demanding that travelers answer riddles before crossing.

Noel Cruz is an artist that specializes in hand-painted dolls, and apparently he takes commissions every now and then.

So, now you guys know what to get me for Christmas: a Carmen Electra signature stripper pole and a lifelike doll of myself!

And by “huge” I mean [singlepic=1002,,,,center] As you’ve probably heard, Heather Locklear was arrested yesterday for (allegedly) driving under the influence.

No, she didn’t have too many delicious Maker’s Mark Manhattans.But then I saw the tattoos and remembered that he wouldn’t be with Audrina, because he’s .