Autumn reeser and ben mckenzie dating

15-May-2020 00:13

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Summer is also tough, intelligent, and underneath it all very sweet.

She has a close relationship with her father, and is best friends with Marissa Cooper. she was only supposed to be in it for a few episodes, but people loved her so much that she was asked to stay.

In June 2017 he married actress, and Gotham co-star, Morena Baccarin, and the happy couple have a daughter together. Seth was the quirky, nerdy, and endearing son of Kirsten and Sandy.

Let’s be honest, without the awesomeness that was Seth Cohen, The O. Seth’s fun quips and quick wit always had viewers laughing out loud, and brought a needed light heartedness to the show.

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The actors who played these beloved characters gave us both entertaining and heart wrenching performances throughout the series, and we all expected big things from them after.

Acting seems to be in her blood as she is the daughter of actor, John Clarke, best known for long standing role on Days of Our Lives, which she also had a recurring role in.

She was formerly married to ex-husband Ernie Mirich, and they have one daughter together.

Adam had first gotten on the radar of teen fans from his recurring role on Gilmore Girls, and after The O. He went on to appear in The Land of Women, Good Vibes, House of Lies, Burning Love, Think Like a Man Too, The League, Sleeping With Other People, Start Up, and more.

Outside of acting, he is also a musician, writer, and producer. In 2014 he married actress Leighton Meester, and the couple have one child together.

Rachel played Summer Roberts, the classic California girl, who at times might come off a bit spoiled and superficial.