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While the engravings and calligraphic quotes portray the very essence of humility and submission to God, the artistry and sometimes grandeur inspires awe.Islamic architecture is common in the following features: Islamic music is mostly played in public services.The original Muslim literature is in Arabic, the Prophet's language. It comprises communication and documentation of the belief system from the Quran, Sira and Hadith.Secular Muslim literature developed in the Umayyad empire.

Islamic art focuses on the omnipresence of Allah, the 'One who cannot be represented by imagery'.

Devotional music is enjoyed by contemporary Muslims all over the world.

The common music forms include Arab classical and North Indian classical music.

Using a stick called miswak for cleaning teeth and shaking hands when greeting someone.

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Some practices amongst Muslims were never mentioned in either the Quran or the Hadith and were introduced by the societies and cultures that accepted Islam.

Arabic calligraphy is a recognized art form used to write verses from the Qur'an.

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