Beast junhyung and kara hara dating

23-Oct-2020 21:03

Lee Gi-kwang Lee Gi-kwang has once given an interview about his failed relationship with his ex-girlfriends. Gaston eventually finds the Beast, and initially, the Beast has no will to fight, still in a state of depression from Belle leaving.

In addition, his temper belies the Beast's naivety with the world and how to display his feelings towards it. In the second issue, he appeared in both story arcs.

Recently, there were rumors that the two had some trouble in there relationship but that they were still dating.

Starting in June of 2011, many pictures of the two dating were captured and their agencies asked everyone to support their relationship.

The two will continue to remain good friends.” Fans were concerned about both of them since they have already been in a relationship for 2 years.

Also, some netizens were concerned about what will happen to the kitten which Hara’s gifted to Junhyung for his birthday.

For example: Junhyung from BEAST (under Cube ent.) was dating Hara from Ka Ra(under DSP media).

Surely, it will have a good outcome and will give their fans the kind of genre they always make off.

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For this reason, the Beast has forbidden Christmas, just to keep history from repeating itself.

As punishment for his cold heart and cruelty, she turns him into a terrifying beast.

With them being open to the public with their relationship, there were many fans that supported them throughout the two years.