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08-May-2020 13:32

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For those wanting to know more about the unexpected tie-in between the two companies, offered an inside look at the spot, describing it as the “biggest and boldest marketing tie-ins the AT&T Inc.-owned cable network has ever orchestrated.” Take a look for yourself in the video below.

The idea of the advert is that “You can always count on the Bud Light […] Squarespace unveiled six new TV commercials, all made in-house.

The production company is Biscuit and the production company is Radioaktive Films.

There is video for each one so be sure to watch them all and let us know what you think in the comments. Starting us off is Doritos, which has been a Super Bowl mainstay for years and in 2007 their "Checkout Girl" ad captured our hearts.

This was part of the company's "Crash the Super Bowl" ad, in which people put ads together to try and win the spot in the Super Bowl, which is a very big deal to say the least.

The commercial demonstrates the energy provided by a glass of milk. The background music is the song “It’s the Hard […] Le Bron James has partnered with Intel technology company.

James signed an endorsement deal with Intel that will enable the tech giant to use him in a 30-second commercial named “Fearless.” The funny commercial promotes Autonomous Driving technology.

In fact, it’s so great, it’s barging into other people’s commercials!Ogilvy, South Africa creates this cute campaign for Huggies.