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02-Feb-2020 05:18

For reasons that do not question, I am drawn to the world of ancient mysticism. Using the principles of Jungian psychology, coupled with teachings passed on through the ages, I will reveal to you the specific reasons why Capricorn and Cancer are super compatible.In this way, we will explore the match between the duo using a blend of spiritualism with psychology; something that is commonly referred to as psycho-spirituality (Kilpatrick, 2005).This will be your foundation for all that is to come.

Primary Traits of Capricorn (positive and negative): Cancers are born under the fourth house of the zodiac.

Inside of its doors holds the energies of love, family, traditions, and compassion.

The sign’s ruling planet is the moon, located nearly 29,000 miles from planet earth.

Over the years, I’ve learned that Cancer is not always a good match with other zodiacs.

The same holds true for Capricorn, one of the most misunderstood signs in all of astrology.Sadly, Capricorn often gets tagged with being flat and dull.