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20-Mar-2020 05:59

They are as crucial today as when he first wrote them down.Arguments founded upon any of his fallacies are unsound and unreliable, and that is that. ” shrieked the bossy environmentalist with the messy blonde hair.“That, Madame, is intellectual baby-talk,” I replied.

To date, the “consensus of evidence” does not support catastrophism.To prevent further costly scams rooted in artful nonsense, perhaps we should restore universal classical education.As it is, what little logic our bossy environmentalists learn appears to come solely from Mr.Its conclusion will be unreliable at best, downright false at worst.

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One should not make the mistake of thinking that Aristotle’s fallacies are irrelevant archaisms.Even the IPCC admits individual extreme-weather events cannot be ascribed to global warming. The true reason for the damage was failure to maintain the sea walls.