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Among these reasons are the following First of all with the great perplexities that have come to the world as result of the financial depression, men and women are wondering what it all means. They are asking, what does the future hold in store for us What are we face to face with Men and women from all walks of life are turning to Seventh-day Adventists and to Adventist literature for an explanation as to the meaning of these things. Were it not for this very severe financial situation our offerings would be twice that amount, but we are hopeful of raising 500.00, which would be a remarkable record. The brethren there had not received my letter announcing my coming but providentially Brother Wm. More than half of the cases of break-down, loss of memory, fainting, etc., which occur during severe examinations, and far more frequently than is commonly known, are due to this.

As a people we know what the future holds in store for this world. On Sunday night all available space was again occupied, and many who desired to attend the 3 meeting were not able to get in. Clark 100.00 Colporteurs 20.00 Findlater We trust that our dear people will do their utmost, endeavoring to raise the goal assigned them by the conference Do we really expect big things from God even this year We say, Yes God's power is still the same, and He will not fail His people and His work. Hrenyk, the elder of the church, and his brother were in Prince Albert so we had a splendid trip out to Samburg by sleigh. A good number not of our faith attended, mostly Catholics. 1 frequently hear of promising students who have thus failed ; and, on inquiry, have learned, in almost every instance, that the victim had previously drugged himself with tea or coffee.

The half of the returns which will go to the Institutional Relief will this year go to Canadian Junior College. He adds that, when tea is taken with a sufficient quantity of sugar and good cream, and with a large quantity of bread-and-butter, or with toast and boiled eggs, and, above all, when it is not drunk too hot, it is certainly less unwholesome ; but a simple infusion of this drug, drunk boiling hot, as the poor usually take it, is certainly a poison, which, though it is sometimes slow in its operation, never fails to produce fatal effects, even in the strongest constitutions, where the free use of it is continued for a considerable length of time.

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Conference and institutional workers are invited to do both. 14 WESTERN CANADIAN TIDINGS A Sound of Going in the Tops of the Trees THE Lord said to David "And let it be, when thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt bestir thyself." This is symbolical language, of course, we can hear a going in the tops of the trees today and this going desires to say to every believer in the soon coming of Christ, " Bestir thyself." Think of the sound from Hudson's Bay in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south, and from Maine to the Pacific Coast, during the Big Week campaign, April 11 to 18. "Stick to your aim, the mongrel's hold will slip, But only crow-bars loose the bull-dogs lip." J. ALL INDIVIDUALS sending in an advertisement for the first time, must be recommended by a conference worker or local church elder. The total quantity of material conveyed from the tea-leaves into the water is ridiculously too small for the performance of any such nutritive function ; and, besides this, the action is far too rapid ; there is not sufficient time for the conversion of even that minute quantity into organized working tissue.The opportunities of 1931 are much greater than they were a year ago. We are confident that quite a large number will take hold of the truth as a result of the effort. Neufeld 20.00 Fenwood 15.00 Cymric 10.00 Ebeneezer Company District No. I love my Ukrainian brethren and enjoyed my visit very much especially as they promised to be faithful to God in all things. I wish to assure our dear people in Saskatchewan that it would have brought cheer and courage to your hearts as it did to mine if you had the opportunity of attending one of Elder Ruskjer's meetings, and to see hundreds and hundreds of people coming. ONTARIO CONFERENCE Office Address 306 Sherbrooke St. He undertook the translation of the "Life of Julius Caesar, " by Napoleon 11I.. He fulfilled his contract by sitting up several nights successively by the aid of strong tea or coffee I forget which. In a few weeks he had aged alarmingly, and become quite bald, his brain gave way, and never recovered.The T April 7, 1931 WESTERN CANADIAN TIDINGS 2 We Cannot Fail UNION CONFERENCE Office Address College Heights, Alberta, Canada President, S. We regret that the effort could not have begun in the middle of January and thus close by the middle of March. Reile 20.00 Carmichael 60.00 Leader 40.00 Fox Valley 10.00 Kelstern 10.00 Estuary District No. And as I had the opportunity of looking from the platform over the audience, who listened so attentively while Elder Ruskjer by grace of God preached the message for this time in such a clear and forceful way, I could not help but think, and a feeling of gratitude and prayer took possession of me, surely there must be many sincere and honest in heart souls in this great audience looking and seeking for light. There was but little difference between his age and mine; and but for this dreadful cerebral strain, rendered possible only by the alkaloid for otherwise he would have fallen asleep over his work, and COOD thereby saved his life, he might still be amusing and instructing thousands of readers by fresh volumes of popularized archaeological research.We know it on the strength of the prophecies of God's Book. It is remarkable to notice the attention these people pay and the respectful attitude they maintain all through the meeting. A meeting was already arranged by Elder Yakovenko in the home of one of the new families who recently under the labor of Brother Yakovenko have begun to keep the Sabbath. Quite a number have begun to keep the Sabbath but it will take a little time and labor to have them fully instructed and established in the truth. Sleep is the rest of the brain ; to rob the hard-worked brain of its necessary rest is cerebral suicide.

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Certainly we have never had as great an opportunity in any Big Week campaign of the past, as we have this year to take our literature to thousands of people who are longing for the messages our literature contains. Even when the solo was sung it was so qdiet in the room one could almost hear the people breathing. There were 34 adults, and 19 children and young people. Yakovenko 84.00 Beaver Creek 24.00 Borden 20.00 Kiev 10.00 Willowmoor 15.00 Cando Company Ratner Company 15.00 35.00 Samburg District No. Bodrug Rhein 25.00 10.00 Edmore Company 10.00 Elfros Company 10.00 Melville Company District No. Ziprick 250.00 Isolated 30.00 Rosthern 30.00 Carlton Dsitrict No. After the meeting another six or seven mile trip brought us to the home of Brother Hrenyk where we enjoyed a good night's rest. Elder Yakovenko is planning to continue to labor in the Samburg district, although at present he is visiting the Ratner company. We came in by wagon as the weather had changed and it only took us six or eight hours to make the trip. Not considering a headache I enjoiyed it very much. 14 WESTERN CANADIAN TIDINGS It was my privilege to visit Elder Ruskjer's meetings at Regina the second time. My old friend, the late Thomas Wright, was a victim of this terrible folly.

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