Coke can dating

24-Jul-2020 18:20

The technique of air-brushing a beer can is undetectable with out using a black light.

It would surprise most how many cans have came through our hands that have had some kind of restoration done.

Tom loves soda cans with any kind of sports scene on the can. He also has a good knowledge of both soda and beer cans.

Kids drink more Classical Coca-Cola or Diet Coke than they did in the past.

We take great pride on how we handle the purchasing of the cans from fellow collectors.

Many of our customers that decide to sell their cans, have put many months and years into building up their prize collections.

Another question we can asked quite often is "do you guys check out any other beer can web sites?

" Yes we do, we use other sites as a reference for pricing cans, even shopping for cans for are own personal collections.

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