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If you want to collect data from multiple sheets into one sheet in the same workbook, you can apply the Consolidate function in Excel. In a new sheet of the workbook which you want to collect data from sheets, click Data Sub Combine() 'Updateby Extendoffice20180205 Dim I As Long Dim x Rg As Range On Error Resume Next Worksheets.

Many users frequently need to merge the duplicate rows and sum the according values in Excel. Sheets(1) var Items = obj var Values = obj Dictionary.items n Row = 0 For i = LBound(var Items) To UBound(var Items) n Row = n Row 1 With obj New Worksheet . Cells(n Row, 2) = var Values(i) End With Next obj New Worksheet. Auto Fit Error Handler: Exit sub End Sub As we all know, Excel can crash from time to time.

As well as extensive Excel knowledge, Jonathan has worked in the IT world for over thirteen years as a programmer, database designer and analyst for some of the world's largest companies.

I have two sheets in an excel workbook that I would like to merge/consolidate into one master list.

Please help Thanks again as always Bill W Excel Hello again, I may have figured this out.

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What I would like to know is if it's possible to look up the data from the employee tabs and enter it into the master as a total. to show the total number of hours for each project in one formula and the member of staff that is allocated with another formula.Hello again, I am trying to use the consolidate function at the beginning of every month but, I have noticed that there has to be information in every sheet for this to work correctly.Here is my question, is there a way to consolidate these sheets with no data in them, and just add scores week by week and have them linked to source data?Sub Merge Rows Sum Values() Dim obj Selected Range As Excel.

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Range Dim var Address Array As Variant Dim n Start Row, n End Row As Integer Dim str First Column, str Second Column As String Dim obj Dictionary As Object Dim n Row As Integer Dim obj New Workbook As Excel. Worksheet Dim var Items, var Values As Variant On Error Go To Error Handler Set obj Selected Range = Excel. Selection var Address Array = Split(obj Selected Range. Once you click on the reference, please select the data that is not consolidated as follows.