Consolidating itunes library external drive

13-Sep-2019 19:10

Select all the tracks displayed by clicking on i Tunes ''Edit'' menu option and choosing ''Select All.'' All tracks in your i Tunes music library are highlighted. Note: This action consolidates and copies all the music you selected into the location you designated in your external hard drive.Depending on the amount of music you have in your i Tunes, this may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.It isn’t uncommon for some people to have a vast music/video collection spanning multiple volumes or external disks.As you know, i Tunes doesn’t automagically know about your media unless you import the items so they appear in your library. ITL file in your i Tunes folder that the computer uses to keep track of your imported media and meta data such as play counts, ratings and more.The location should be the designated folder you previously chose in your external hard drive for your i Tunes music.Remove the original ''i Tunes Music'' folder in your primary hard drive, if necessary to save space.Go to the location in your external hard drive where you wish to store this data. Note: By doing this last step, your i Tunes Music will now be stored in your external drive, but i Tunes will not be able to play all your music as always. If you wish to continue using i Tunes as always, but maintain all your music in the external hard drive to save space in your computer, go to the next section.

In this way, you can listen to music on computer and also sync songs to your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod.

You may know that some of the i Tunes-unfriendly music format cannot be imported to i Tunes.