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08-Nov-2020 22:55

So I will just have to settle for these 6 pieces of advice.Lastly, I’m obviously a man, so I’m not trying to pretend to know what it’s like to be an unmarried Christian single woman.Therefore, if you know there is something about a guy that will hinder you from actually marrying him, I would advise you not to date him. Why get attached to someone you know you will need to detach from?Why expose yourself to all that sexual temptation if you know you will not marry that man?And if you are married to a good husband who loves your kids, even those extra 30lbs he will put on over the next few decades will not hinder your attractions towards him.If a guy really likes you and you actually give him a chance, he’s going to do everything he can to win you over. Sometimes it won’t work and you still won’t like him. Don’t Trust a Guy Who Seems Too Perfect The other danger in looking for the “perfect guy” is that there are a lot of pretenders and posers out there trying to convince women they really are the perfect guy.Often times attraction flows out of liking someone’s personality.

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It just means you should at least explore the idea of a guy you are not initially drawn towards.If you feel you are too young to get married, if you feel like you are too busy to marry, or if you just don’t want that level of commitment right now in your life, then I believe dating is pointless and will only get you into trouble.You should only date if you want to see if someone is the right person to marry or not.But at least let him try before you totally shut him down. If you want something bad enough, you might be gullible enough to take their bait.

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A guy who wants you to think he is perfect and doesn’t have any major flaws is going to really get mad at you one day when you finally point out something negative or you let him know he hurt your feelings.

Plus, in twenty years that hunk you married is going to look a lot different.

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