Dating a sanguine girl

15-Aug-2020 23:24

You’re too quick to talk and sometimes that can get you into trouble when you say things you don’t mean.

Your partner not only knows this about you, but also makes you feel comfortable enough to take your time.

You don’t have to feel self-conscious that you’re revealing too much or blabbering. With their heads in the love-clouds (where your current partner is perfect and enjoys cooking for you and doing the dishes after oral sex), introverts are enamored of your every thought. On the outside, introverts play it cool; when they are in your comfort -- just you guys -- they’re ready to let loose and open up to you.

Dating an introvert as an extrovert is special because you know all the different layers to your partner that most people don’t.

When they do compliment you, it comes with an added layer of sincerity.

You don’t mind being the center of attention or working the room.

Introverts need to be challenged and extroverts aren’t afraid to get in their face a little. Dating an introvert is the best move an extrovert could do.

While independent introverts don’t mind hanging back, extroverts enjoy being rockstars for the both of them.

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You help introverts come out of theirs shells while they respect your independence and “need to do your thing.” It doesn’t matter if you’re at a bar or club, they’re down to be your wingmen. Your partner has the sound mind to keep you from really losing it. They know when you’re not saying what’s really on your mind.As a result, they will avoid being in front of a crowd. Because they observe and deliberate on every detail, they are very slow in making decisions.Because of their attention to detail, they can also be overcautious, even in minor matters.This makes them come off as distant, uninterested and even a little snobbish.

Melancholics are easily embarrassed, self-conscious, timid and bashful.Introverts make extroverts better people; they’re the perfect complement. They are able to take in all that is going on and process it on another level. Introverts really take into consideration all your concerns.