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18-Jan-2020 18:49

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And I’m glad that I took the time to check it out, coz in spite of its flaws, this show turned out to be a fun little watch with more pluses than minuses.

QUICK LIST OF FLAWS For the record, here’s a quick list of the main beefs that I had with this drama.

Sooyoung’s definitely got potential to do well as an actress, think. Lee Jong Hyuk is pitch perfect as the grumbly, gruff Seo Byung Hoon, owner of Agency Cyrano, and as expected, imbues his character with very nice flashes of nuance and depth to balance out the grumpy. Lee Chun Hee is quite lovely as the mysterious Master next door.

Master had relatively less screen time, but Lee Chun Hee made every scene count.

Viewers of this show need to suspend disbelief on a regular basis over the elaborate dating set-ups, flawless timing over things that are out of our characters’ control, and even character motivations. The balance between the Case of the Day and the overarching story of our characters isn’t always well handled. She made Gong Min Young earnest, warm and likable, and was all-around a wonderful ray of sunshine in this drama.

Thinking of this as a manhwa-esque sort of world helps, though. On top of that, some cases drag for too long, &/or aren’t as interesting as others. Contrived plot devices are sometimes employed, with the biggest offender being 4. With an ensemble cast, it’s always hard to achieve a cohesive tone across everyone’s varying degrees of acting prowess, and in this ensemble cast, that unevenness definitely shows. She managed the more emotional scenes with as much dexterity as the cheerful sunny scenes, and I was impressed.

Being the kpop noob that I am, I didn’t even realize she’s an idol actor, until I stumbled on the information by accident.

Still, Hong Jong Hyun fulfilled the need for robotic, mysterious, hot hacker guy quite nicely.

I was highly amused that in Episode 1, he basically only needed to say, a couple of times.

Using his masterful stage skills, he forms the Cyrano Dating Agency.

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