Dating concert pianist

17-Apr-2020 22:53

Thing is, I REALLY love piano, it's something I can pour my heart in to.I mean, I love every instrument I play, but piano really hits me differently, which is weird because I wouldn't even say it's the nicest sounding instrument or the easiest to just pick up and play, and I wanna know, is it too late to make a semi-respectable career as a concert pianist?I've got mainly a jazz/blues/funk background and am definitely an emotional player (as in, I think of music more in terms of how it feels and flows, and the moods/vibes/colors it gives off, and less in theory terms, though I do know more than my fair share of theory).

I really love piano and would love to share the emotions that I can put through the keys to the world, but I'd appreciate it if you guys could just tell me straight up if that's possible or even likely.So when you are looking for new pieces of interest to you, perhaps look for ones where the melody moves around the keyboard. You're young and your talent is attempting budding and you have just begun to take up piano. Non the less, work up some programs along the way, put on some recitals and see where that takes you.