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03-Nov-2019 05:39

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I never get bored of trying to come up with an Ollie one-liner that is even more ridiculous than the last! Dan Hilles With no Dan Hilles, there would be no Sex, Love and Dating Disasters.Dan is the main man of books – the unlucky-in-love fool who can’t catch a break! Denise Andrews Denise is without doubt the most unpredictable of characters I have written so far.So for this blog post, I wanted to share with you my top five favourite characters from The Drought and The Flood, and hopefully this will give you a bit of an insight to what lad lit is all about. Kelly Campbell Kelly is probably the most challenging character I have to write about, because unlike the other female characters in the books, she is actually quite normal!But with that normality comes great responsibility.

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No matter what the situation the boys get themselves into, you can guarantee that Ollie will always say or do the wrong thing to make things even worse.Talk about a way to boost your online dating self-esteem!I joined e Harmony, certain that there was someone better suited as it was the serious dating site for marriage and monogamy.Denise turns up in The Flood as one of the four women Dan ends up dating, and the fact she is known as a stalker tells you quite a lot already!

Along with her ex-boyfriend, Ronnie (who by the way ends up stalking Dan too), I was never short of comical scenarios to stick her in. Jack Chatham Like marmite, you either love Jack, or you hate him, but I have nothing but love for the mouthy, little, cockney-wannabee who is always raring to take the mickey out of someone’s misfortune (normally Dan! Jack’s relationship with Ollie is another highlight to write, because it pits the big, gormless, giant against the sharp-tongued mini assassin!

With more female readers of my books than male, Kelly is my one chance at proving that I had some knowledge of the female mind (although my wife would argue even that is pretty limited! But Kelly is crucial to the book, because without her it would simply be Dan listening to a bunch of bad advice from his mates.

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