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13-Feb-2020 15:00

It starts with loving yourself, being honest to yourself and having enough confidence in yourself.

When you are honest with yourself, you’re able to be honest with others.

Dating your ex again isn’t the same as dating someone new.

You have a romantic history together and that changes the whole dynamics of approaching, asking for a date and entering into a relationship.

When you blame your ex, other people, God or the universe itself, you distance yourself from any possible lesson and acceleration of progress.

The end of a relationship is literary the death of it.

Look outside the box and see if the two of you can agree on the important stuff and let the small stuff take care of themselves. On other issues, you will have to ask him or her to do something that will bring a calmer perspective to the situation as well as new ideas.

If you want him or her to do something and he or she is resisting, ask him or her to try it for a limited time, such as a week, and then evaluate the situation.

And just as you learn when to not fall into the same hole when you’re walking around the block, you have more chance of success when you can avoid the same mistakes next time round the block.4.

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Do NOT hurry or try to force anything Be realistic about your situation and what can be achieved in a given time.

The very experience of breaking-up changes who you are, who you think the other is and how you see reality.