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02-Oct-2019 08:44

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Specifically, we were looking to find more substantial takeaways than things like “don’t make it more than 40 characters” (or 50 or 70, or whatever standard we’re using these days).

You undoubtedly know that email subject lines matter because they’re usually how someone decides whether to click on your email.

On top of that, they’re fun, informative, witty, etc.

Subject lines can have all the catchy uniqueness in the world; I need to trust that when I click I’ll be happy I did.

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To succeed with this, it’s helpful to have a specific person in mind rather than a general audience. The organization’s founder, Matt Winkler, believed creating headline intrigue with unique word combinations would get more people to click, and it did.I read your emails, and I get it: you don’t give a shit. When someone starts off saying they’re emailing me again, it’s like I feel bad for ignoring them and thus I pay more attention to them.

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