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23-Jun-2020 09:36

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” We cannot predict with certainty where any decision will take us, but we can be reasonably assured that if what we have ‘been doing’ has brought us doubt and unhappiness that it will continue unless we make some scary changes. Congratulations are as much in order for you as they are for someone who overcomes an addiction. if you want to know why it is that she left, read the history yourself! What you find will astound you and if you are like thousands of us, you too will see the church for what it is, LEAVE and begin living life.

Heather I congratulate you fully, leaving is a large and challenging step.

Your NEW life has just begun so enjoy meeting and chatting with others who are as excited about their NEW lives, NEW adventures and possibly NEW love. When swiping, the photos are blurred out so you have to click into every profile to even get an initial impression.

Okay I love the idea for the app, hence two stars versus one. I can not recommend this app to my friends due to how incredibly buggy it is. Once you’ve matched, you can’t go back into the person’s profile so you have to hope you made a good call the first time. I have many friends who I’d love to recommend it to once it’s less of a nightmare to use.

That I didn’t need to endure a horrible marriage to get me to salvation. I found Jeff through an exmormon message board (

That I only have one shot at this thing and I was blowing it. He was going through a divorce at the same time so we became friends quickly.

And if you believe in God and the teachings of the gospel, the best way to express that is to show compassion and kindness to everyone – in or out of the church.

And it doesn’t matter if they have never been Mormon, just left Mormonism five seconds ago, or are from Mars.

We created the NEW Dating App so you can bypass all the unnecessary explanations of your faith journey and date based on who you are now. Most people profile isn’t completed because it’s such an effort. Whether you still believe in the LDS Church or are on the fringes, this dating app will help you find those who share the same ideas and values as you. NEW Dating is a dating app for Ex-Mormons and even nuanced Mormons alike.I was just enduring life and was not a happy person. That was the first moment I realized that the church could have been built on lies. As I was searching for some faith promoting stories for one of my young women lessons, I accidentally stumbled upon I abruptly closed the window and decided that I was letting my mind go down forbidden paths.

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One day, my husband brought a book home from the church library that they were apparently throwing away because it was discovered to be an “anti” book. At one point, my dad asked me about a PBS documentary he had seen on Mountain Meadows. I was a convert after high school (after much vehement opposition from my parents). Anyway, he went on his mission and I proceeded to marry the first guy I met in college. I knew my marriage was awful within months and was told by bishop after bishop that this was my trial in life.