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16-Aug-2020 23:08

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More specifically, loving yourself is about consistently carrying out actions that feel aligned with your heart/gut/intuition.

If you merely yourself that you’re working on loving yourself but you’re a workaholic drug abuser, existing on less than three hours of sleep per night, secretly resenting yourself for breaking that person’s heart a few years ago, and living off of fast food and energy drinks, well, you’re going to be sending a different message to your heart through those cumulative actions.

Les gens ne peuvent voir que les photos que vous avez définies comme publiques.

Pour cela, définissez vos photos comme “Album Privé” et uniquement vos amis pourront les consulter.

I’m sure you already have a few ideas flooding your brain. The more you ignore, neglect, and abandon this inner child, the more your self-love and self-esteem will downward spiral.

Now, conversely, what kinds of things could you do that would make this child feel neglected? So if we know that loving ourselves more comes down to our actions, what are some of the highest leverage actions we can take to make ourselves feel more loved? Here are eleven simple actions that you can start carrying out today in order to actually love yourself more.

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Say no to people you don’t like spending time with.

And when we’re chronically stagnant with our bodies, that stuck energy often turns into anxiety and sadness.

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