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I explain that Mike, the owner of our company, will cover the cost of one room, but usually expects us guides to bunk up together, to save money.

The motel owner in Monticello, a good friend of Mike’s, is cool with us guides crashing four or five to a room, as long as we don’t raise hell.

Late evening light has turned the red rock cliffs and sandy badlands out my left driver’s side window a spectacular orange color, and I’ve slowed down some to drink in the view.The tourists that swarm to Arches in summer can do the damnedest things, like suddenly entering the road near blind corners, or making slow U-turns behind rises in the highway that make them impossible to see, until some unfortunate comes flying over the rise and obliterates both vehicles so completely that no recognizable vehicle remains, only a debris field of metal and plastic and human remains that the highway department crew out of Moab will come out at all hours to clean up, picking up the body parts with a snow shovel.