Dating quizzes

30-Dec-2019 11:23

These things aren't exactly "scientific" and are really meant more for your entertainment than anything else.

Don't completely buy into a result that tells you your mate may be cheating, or that you're too inhibited in bed.

If there's a single, minute aspect of life and love to be examined and explored, there's a quiz for it.

Will you be more, or less satisfied with your relationship once the verdict is in?

That is mainly determined by how seriously you actually take your results.

Try: If you are under the impression that the female half of the population are the only ones indulging in romantic quizzes and tests, think again. You can't really count the results, but it is a hoot!

A quick check of men's magazines and websites reveals that guys are just as smitten with these tests as the ladies. Relationship quizzes can be a lot of fun, but remember to take your results with a grain of salt.arrives, do you find yourself immediately scanning the table of contents for this month's quizzes? Millions of readers are searching right along with you, a fact that can be attested to by the population explosion in quizzes available.