Dating site advisor cherry blossom service

25-Apr-2020 14:13

While the name does say basic — it does give you several different ways to filter someone.

You can choose from several options like country, people only with photos, age, weight, and how many children they have.

What really intrigued me though was they also have a unique option where you can search for someone by their astrological sign.

While this may not really help you find a type of person you want based on their looks or other standards — I think it adds a fun twist to the whole experience.

I wish back then I had found a site like Cherry Blossoms to help me out.

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I remember right after I visited my wife in the Philippines and I wanted to start the process for her to get come to the United States — I had zero clue as to what I had to do in order to make it happen.

The site itself is mainly for older singles looking for a long term relationship.

While you can find some guys on here — you will mostly see women in their late 20’s and early 30’s.

Being one of the oldest dating sites around ( and still going strong ) they’ve claimed to help over 100,000 couples get married.

When I first read that, it made me think they must really know what their doing.They’ve been helping both women and men come into the US since 1980, and seem to really know what their doing.