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17-Aug-2020 18:55

All you need to do is wear a Like-A-Hug vest and connect it via your smartphone to your Facebook profile.

Then, after each received "like," vest will inflate a little and create the impression of a hug.

Whether you are at the drive-in movie theatre or simply want to star-gaze, the accessory will grant you a top-row seat. Have you been dreaming of owning a boat your entire life, but seem no closer to achieving it?

Well, you can now strike it off your list with the Life-Sized Inflatable Speed Boat! When you are out in the wilderness you might have to as well. The FUELL Fluid Long-range Pedal Assist E-bike is everything you need for quick and modern personal transportation.

But the most brilliant tech scientists of the world prove that love is what rules our world, and dating has interfered ... But what is the use of a soulless "Like" or comment under a photo?

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Coming in the shape of a pen knife, it features a flash light, cord cutter, fire starter and bottle opener. They will not only increase the capacity of your fridge but will also make your food more visible and easy to reach. Aptly named, the Jammock is a jeep rooftop hammock designed specifically for the Jeep.Maybe in the future, they will be upgraded by the smell of your loved one or their heartbeat to listen to before sleep.