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Actual revolutionaries have struggled against easier psychological odds.vibe, with Gypsy attempting to show her mother a few last acts of kindness prior to the killing.The hate is just festering in Gypsy’s eyes now, but there’s more to it than that.Gypsy lives with her worst enemy, but she’s done so her worst enemy, and her worst enemy, in her own fucked-up way, loves her too.It’s almost a masturbatory act on Dee Dee’s part — an attempt at self-gratification directed at the part of her that cannot bear the thought of her daughter differentiating from the mother-child bond, but which is no longer together enough to formulate functional plans to keep this from happening.By this point Dee Dee is so exhausted by her mental and physical illnesses that she actually seems like the underdog in the emotional struggle underway, despite the fact that she’s tying her daughter to a bed.

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(In Gypsy, a woman whose entire life has been defined by her Munchausen-by-proxy mother and Disney movies, Nick, a man who blows his promotion at a pizza parlor, may have found the one person on earth he could convince to call him Daddy.) And since we know where it’s all headed, it’s sinister too.

Due to the intensity of their connection, the idea of killing her mother to preserve it grows more and more realistic with each conversation.

With that grows the conviction, however fairy-tale it might be, that she can have a life beyond the pink prison of their house, where infantilizing stuffed animals have slowly spread into every room, even the bathroom, like a metastasizing cancer.

This is a harsh, unpleasant, yet bizarrely satisfying process to witness, like watching a prisoner sharpen a toothbrush handle into a shank.

Yes, Gypsy and Nick discuss their plan to murder Dee Dee throughout the episode, starting off with tentative explorations of the very idea of being violent toward another person and ending with a fantasized femme-fatale seduction and the methodical purchasing and planning required to carry it out.

(When I interviewed him, Antosca told me Peter Jackson’s true-crime drama about two teenage girls who murdered one of their mothers in a dream-logic attempt to be together forever was a “huge influence on this show, on the style and philosophy.”) She cuts her toenail, paints her fingernails, even volunteers to go to the doctor for a feeding-tube change, taking her mom’s hand during the procedure.

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