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20-Aug-2020 18:19

In 2017, Boyce flew halfway around the world to celebrate Brar's 18th birthday with him in Australia (while the rest of us cross our fingers and hope our friends remember to send a measly birthday text).

According to Brar returned the favor and flew to Vancouver in 2018 for Boyce's 19th birthday. So, that was the most un-smooth first kiss, just so not romantic at all.

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He even had the opportunity to meet Joe Biden at the 2019 Biden Courage Awards.

When Brar turned 20 in 2019, the pair met up in New York, and Boyce shared the most heartfelt Instagram message imaginable. Feels old right now, but by the time my kids are calling you 'Uncle Kar' we'll laugh and probably realize we're still bs'ing our way through this stuff." Dating is tough for everyone, but it's extra tough when cameras are always in your face and every innocent Instagram photo sparks tabloid rumors. That's actually pretty bad." It's not often that a genuine celebrity gets starstruck. Thank you, Cameron, for all you gave us," he wrote.

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