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Furthermore they will be safe, and we are currently looking for an advisor who can help us set up software that allows couples to view and transmit video while choosing whether or not to allow the recording of their images.A special feature of the Internet workshop, always popular at our European workshops, are report backs, where couples have a chance to demonstrate problems or successes in carrying out their Friday and Saturday night at-home assignments.The workshop will use multiple cameras for a better view of demonstrations than can be achieved at live workshops, especially of the energy flow and minute movements of the expanded yoni massage, which is impossible to show in its entirety as much of the massage takes place inside the vagina.It is difficult to see, without being present live, the erotic energy vortex the treatments create and that are responsible for healing, but the feedback from individual webcams and the fact the energy is being developed and can be seen, the techniques followed precisely, assure that the home experience will be as powerful and the energy will be developed there as well.Following introductions, basic demonstrations are offered of several Tantric Therapy and Massage techniques, followed by guided massage where couples are simultaneously shown the techniques using two-camera documentation so they always have available visual aids as they follow along and practice in the comfort of their own home or spa.We are available to help students set up appropriate treatment areas for their practice of TANTRIC HEALING and will work with every participant to enlist the webcam and software support they need to create an environment that supports their chosen level of interactivity and level of experience, so that everyone involved will feel safe to embark on this powerful journey of healing together, realizing from the start that no matter how challenging our own personal work might seem to be, no one is ever given challenges they cannot meet.

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Reliably and quickly, the technique identifies the location in the body of the most timely and important "issue of the day." Deeper material underlying these rocks that sometimes turn out to be boulders are then drawn up to the surface using a quiver full of hundreds of "arrows" that are all of Cupid, though at the time they might feel a little sharper and more demanding.We are sure it is possible to achieve results as profound and life-changing using the Internet.The treatments are so powerful that several clients have received miraculous healings in recent years, including the total remission of chronic illnesses that had defied doctors for years. D., colleague of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, theorized at the turn of the century, "All healing, emotional and physical, requires the free and unimpeded flow of orgone energy (from the root, "orgasm")." One-hundred years later, we are proving his theory regularly.Wilhelm Reich who invented the method, several other pranayama-intensive techniques as well, including Grof Holotropic Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga and many that cross the threshold into what I call "Body meditation", such as 85-year-old Marion Rosen's Method that I was lucky enough to partake of when she cured me in 20 minutes of that which I had labored in the fields of talk therapy for 20 years prior to her simply putting her hand over my heart and asking the right question.

There are others as well, such as my first therapist's invention, Gestalt Therapy.Included in the workshop will be several opportunities for interactive report backs where couples may demonstrate their progress during the weekend and have questions answered.