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11-Nov-2020 19:51

Deux Ex Machina has flagship stores in Milan, Tokyo, Bali, Sydney and Los Angeles.Change of mind returns are accepted within 60 days of delivery, as long as they are returned in a new condition, with all packaging intact.Conspiracy theories have been a prominent theme of Deus Ex games, in Human Revolution players can hear about several groups, most notably the Illuminati and the Bilderberg group.Human Revolution takes place in 2027 and has the player play as Adam Jensen, head of security at Sarif Industries.The game deals with the idea of post-humanism, which is a cultural movement that supports the use of technology and science to improve the physical and mental capabilities of Humans.The visuals are unique in that they combine elements of Renaissance and cyberpunk aesthetics.As the terrorist is about to administer the killing blow, Megan distracts him only to be punched in the face which kills her.As the labs burn, the terrorist takes out his gun and shoots Adam in the head. He's seen in great pain, getting new augmented legs and arms.

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After the painful scene, the game flashes forward 6 months where Adam, fresh out of hospital, has reprised his job as chief of security.