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Imagine my surprise when I tried to sign into Facebook one morning only to receive the following message: My account was disabled? I tried to log in with another browser and I got the same message. Facebook supplied a form submission page for those wishing to write to Facebook about their disabled account, and I emailed them basically asking why my account was disabled and how I can get access back to the numerous pages I’m an admin for.I explained that I manage a variety of pages for clients, and was always mindful about the content I posted – after all, my parents are on Facebook too.After sending the email to Facebook, I sent an email to the friends who’s email addresses I actually had and explained what happened.Thanks to the connect-ability of Facebook, most of my friends were only able to be contacted by me I read up on some of the articles by others who have had their accounts disabled to find out why mine was suddenly pulled – without warning I should add.Then choose what you want turned on and what you want turned off (touch screen, hardware buttons).

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Highlighting what your interests and hobbies are will present you as an open person and more approachable, which is always a good sign if you want other people to show interest towards you.

To turn it off, triple tap the home button and enter the passcode you set.

Sorry for the wall of text, this feature really is a lot simpler to use than it sounds, and it's really useful. This is actually a really cool feature I never knew about, but not for your reason.

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