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31-Jul-2020 06:08

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Updated July 12, 2019 Source: When a mother and father divorce, the effect of divorce on child behavior can take many forms.The negative effect of divorce on children can extend past the initial emotional reactions of sadness, anger, and resentment.However, as more research has been conducted into this area, it appears that even children who do well in school and who would otherwise appear unaffected by the divorce may suffer long-term trauma beneath the surface.Children may internalize their sadness and anger when their parents are going through a divorce.However, adolescents can have a hard time with divorce, too.For one thing, teenagers whose parents get divorced are more likely to abuse illicit substances, have sex, and get in trouble with the law.Depending on the age of the child, divorce can have a different effect on him or her.

The child may still believe, despite what his parents tell him, that his parents will get back together someday.However, seeing his parents together only fuels his fantasy that they will one day reunite, and his family will again be whole.