Dns records not updating server 2016

17-Oct-2019 17:08

This command has the following format: Reapadmin /showobjmeta DCName Object DN So for this example, we get the Object DN from the LDP tool and plug it in: Fig. The GUID can be resolved to a DC name either by looking in the CNAME records on the DNS Management snapin or running. Now it is evident when the record was deleted, which DC it was performed on and when.3: Deleted DNS objects (click to enlarge) I like to direct it to a file to make it easier to use. That will help in unraveling the mystery of the disappearing record. 4: Deleted DNS record output (click to enlarge) If DNS records become corrupt or are not up to date, dynamic registration can be used easily to fix the problem.Note in Figure 3 the attributes exposed in LDP (right pane) are not much help.However, using Repadmin/showobjmeta command we can get more data. Also shown is the GUID of the originating DC and the timestamp.This allows DNS servers to be placed in remote sites where DCs are not desired.While multi-master replication and the Active Directory Integrated (multiple primary) zone features have introduced advantages and disadvantages at the same time, a good understanding of how they work will save the AD administrator a lot of time and effort in resolving these issues.• Different replication scopes store the zone file in different locations in the AD making locating the DNS records difficult.

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In this case the record we are interested in is “DC=_dcdiag_test_record…” In this example this has been recreated several times.

Table 1: Replication scope locations in AD When objects are deleted they are placed in the Deleted Objects folder, as shown in Figure 1.

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