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30-Dec-2019 13:13

So basically seeing those two pieces that people wouldn’t have seen before with any other company.

How is Benjamin’s piece different than what he’s made recently?

Even before a bare-chested final farewell,the celebrated principal began a tenure as artistic director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

In anticipation of the troupe's first tour in years (they'll be at the Joyce Theater February 12 through 16), Stiefel talks about his goals for the company, the struggles of directing and getting some tough love from fiancée Gillian Murphy.

But the program shows off one of the great strengths of the dancers in the company, which is they can function in the classical realm all the way to the modern spectrum.

So this program starts with Benjamin Millepied’s which is a neoclassical/classical, kind of romantic ballet that I don’t think has been done for a while in New York.

Instead his post-dance career is thriving with consulting and choreography work on the upcoming Starz series, became an even bigger hit when it was filmed and screened in movie theaters throughout the country, bringing ballet to an audience that wouldn’t have otherwise seen it.To hardcore ballet fans, Ethan Stiefel and Sascha Radetsky are two of the greatest male dancers of the past decade, both of whom retired after storied careers at American Ballet Theatre.To everyone else, they will forever be Cooper (Stiefel) and Charlie (Radetsky), the swoon-worthy guys vying for the heart of Jody Sawyer in Nicholas Hytner’s Center Stage.I think the last time was when Gillian saw the company, oddly enough, in either South or North Carolina when she was 12. [Bier Halle has] a full set, but Minneapolis did ask for it and the cost to bring everything for one show and so on.… Definitely, at the Joyce you have to consider the theater, which is great, but you’re not able to fly things in and out.

But we’re doing basically a pas de deux—two variations—and I made a little coda just in the last couple of weeks, so it’ll probably go down well back in the Midwest where I come from with all the Germanic and Scandinavian folks. You’re limited a little bit as far as scenery and production.

The upcoming TV series will focus on a talented though emotionally troubled ballerina played by Sarah Hay, an American dancer with Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, Germany.