Expat dating in south korea dating sites for singles in usa

25-May-2020 14:03

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If you’re nearing 30 (I turn 29 next month…scary stuff) the pressure to settle down is greater than ever, and seems almost impossible halfway around the world.

That said, having dropped some weight and having moved to Seoul, my dating life is actually better than ever (even better than in Canada! With tons of new places to explore (date spots in Seoul are everywhere!

If you’re taking your date to Namsan Tower, it’s because you’re in lurrrrrve.

Head down the stairs on the North side and make your way along until you reach Namdaemun. There are plenty of bus and subway stops along this route!

A picnic takes a little bit more preparation, which you might not want to put in on a first date. I haven’t actually managed to get here yet, but I have heard great things about the Palace and its secret garden.

This scenic setting is perfect to relax and actually get to know one another, and there are plenty of places for that perfect “we just started dating” awkward selfie (I actually have one of those with the guy who took the above picture. Any time you can spend just wandering around and chatting tends to be valuable when deciding whether or not you want to continue seeing this person.

It’s always fun to follow your nose or see where your date wants to take theirs!

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I’ve often wondered about the Meat Pie Place in Itaewon called “The Little Pie”.

Expats are all on deadlines with ESL Teachers typically on one-year contracts and people in the Military on deployments generally in the realm of 6 months to a year.

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