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31-Mar-2020 19:48

THE TECHNOLOGY that has been safeguarding the reputations – and insurance policies – of good drivers in Russia for many years is now taking the UK by storm.

Fitting a dash cam to your car can reduce your insurance premiums and offer you peace of mind when it comes to disputes over liability in an accident.

If the yellow light does not blink, use a clip to press the reset button on the back of the camera, and wait until the yellow light comes on again.3) Connect the camera to your phone Follow the simple set up instruction on the app.

Local & Cloud Storage Set and forget to save video clips to local memory (for 7 days) and secure cloud (for 2 days), with the ability to expand that to 30 days cloud recording if needed.

Bear in mind that police will get involved if someone has been injured in an accident; they have the power to seize footage, which may be used as evidence.

Dash cams are smarter than your basic video camera.

Every Blink system comes with our proprietary Sync Module, which helps facilitate quick, easy set-up and moderates the power used by your Blink camera unit.

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Dash cams can help insurers identify fraudulent claims and determine who is at fault, so some offer a discount for drivers who have one installed, as long as they agree to provide footage on request (check with your insurer to see if a deal is available with your chosen dashcam).If you decide to “hardwire” the dash cam, which means running a power cable directly into the car’s fuse box, you can do the same thing and keep things even neater, as you can hide the cable completely.

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