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14-May-2020 11:37

Fubar isn't perfect but it is fun and addicting.

You do not have to spend money on the site to have fun.

she took the time to make sure i understood how to play the game.

since then, i have been a very active member, and have tried to help others.

I worked that page everyday for two years and in December of 2018 I reached the top level and my first crown, my second crown came a few months later as I got to level 75 and in the end I was the first one to reach level 76.

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I made a few very cherished friends this time around and a few who I thought were friends but sadly I found out were not.if you decide to join, feel free to look me up, and if you need help figuring things out, i will do my best. Been a short time since i posted last on Fubar.com, so here i go. if anyone who deems posting such ill will towards a site they supposedly loved so much, but then they just had to expose the clear violations of a simple formatted ' TERMS OF SERVICE' , forgetting they have to love the rules to make that 'i love fubar' wholesome is insane.As for posting such garbage while still trying to maintain a presence on the very same location kinda makes it moot point.It is what it is and if you hate someone that much and want to carry it around with you for the rest of your life that's on you.

I achieved every goal that I set out to do on fubar.In May of 2017 I made another account under the name Kimberly, which evolved into Distants Kim and in the end just Kim.

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