Guide updating gp4

12-Dec-2019 08:08

You don't really want to look like a total n00b do you - Begging our modders for release dates, it's ready when it's ready.

It is bad manners and considered very poor form to harass the modders here on this site because you are impatient and want something.

V3 has better text clarity in all 2D/3D rendering modes.

Styles (attributes) can now be applied to text e.g.

When discovered these issues will be documented on this site, so if you experience problems with G4P then look here to see if it is a known issue.

The G4P library provides an extensive collection of 2D GUI controls for your sketch and comes with many example sketches to showcase these controls.

Many smart reading features are included such as the "loop mode" that helps you work on difficult sections, the solo/mute and the adjustable tempo.

Keep in mind that the modders here are a well respected crew and what they do for you, they do for free, that fact should be appreciated.-No frivolous post reports asking for people to be banned either, that's poor form.Detailed programmer guides on using the new features are here.G4P may become unresponsive to the mouse when used with P2D/P3D. You can find more information here including a simple one line work-around.It will not earn you any brownie points.- Make use of the pm service if you want to have a dispute, don't do it in public.- The posting of private pm's in the public forums is expressly forbidden.- If you feel it is necessary to report a post, please do it only once, and give us the information on why the report was necessary.- Spam the forums and your account will be deleted.- Offensive posts will be deleted.- - Additional Information NO!

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