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08-Jun-2020 21:26

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I personally love uncut and even have a whole selection of pictures of uncut hard cocks in a private email account hehe.

I haven't found one myself, the cock picks I have I've found'em on twitter. PM me if u'd like to share some hot stuff and fantasies man. Guys, I have been surprised three times in my life by close friends who were in hetero relationships suddenly wanting to have sex with me.

With one of them it was a hot 6 month affair with lots of exploration until he decided he really wanted a family.

I would never know how to approach my friend to see if he feels the same. I developed this about 5 years ago, like six months after a girlfriend of mine and I ended a 3 1/2 year relationship; a really good one bit it just got to a point where it's just too complicated for us to stay together, it was under mutual agreement and we stay in touch every now and then (of course neither she nor anyone of my friends has an idea about this fantasy of mine so I'm still sorta straight hehe).

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