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05-Nov-2019 13:34

The mighty Bang Hai Corporation has cemented its grip on all aspects of society and commerce in the wake of the failed uprising of Chapter 8 and the people are being divided and conquered by the invasive hyper connected charm of new technology, distracting them with an endless barrage of manufactured dreams.” Read more here.

The festival itself is split into different areas and it’s charmingly creative.

You will wake up drenched in sweat and you will shower in ice cold water, only to be sweaty again 6 minutes later.

Ok, I’m really not selling it, but let’s talk about the pros…

So, if you meet this description, then it seems that Boomtown is for you.

Get ready for some culturally appropriate festival attire, a slightly disgusting number of baggies and a bunch of DJs who you most likely don’t know.

Each stage stands majestically amongst the grounds, decorated and designed like a movie set.Does it live up to our expectations as being the number one website for meeting and connecting with African singles or does it fall short of its prestigious reputation?To know more about this site, its prices, members, the good, and the bad, read on below.I don’t care how middle-class it looks, this one is on my bucket list for sure!

No.6 sell themselves as being a and just a quick scroll around their website makes it very clear why. Yes, this festival is SO sustainable, that even the kitchenware is edible.It seems to be the most Instagrammable festival EVER – and that’s what we base everything’s worth on these days, right? So, not only can you listen to some brilliant music at this festival (at some very magical looking stages) you can also go paddle boarding, relax in a wood fired hot tub, chuckle at some stand up, watch a cabaret, indulge in some fine food by Michelin-starred chefs, attend an after party in a castle or even pop on over to a woodland rave… This festival is for the funky, the freaky and the fabulous. So, we all know that Norway is a very environmentally friendly place to live, but it’s truly wonderful to see this being mirrored through Øyafestivalen – a festival that is fuelled by love (and solar power.) One of the eco pros includes getting the deposit back on drinking cups and cigarette butts, so it almost feels like you’re being paid to drink and smoke… The festival recycles 70 percent of its waste which, in turn, saves an EPIC 40,000 tonnes of CO.

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