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20-Oct-2020 12:13

Thought she may goes to bathroom, but after 20-30 mnts she had not returned.

I started to think where she may go but in her night gown she never comes out from her bed room.

It was tolerable to see my mom with this dirty man. My mom said, “ya, darling I can remember that nice day, before 4 month, it was Sunday, afternoon, for an urgent work I want to go out, and for this purpose, I phoned you but your phone was not responding, as Sunday usually your holiday, our servants were also not there, I called my maid Arati, but she also was not there, but the work was so urgent, so I straightway come to your room to call you, your door was opened, so I hurriedly, entered your room, as soon as I stepped inside to your room, I slipped as I was in hurry, and same time, in my face some hot matter splashed and the love story started darling, I got you, for whom God made me only. I saw a black man of 6 ft 2 inch, was standing nakedly infront of my mom.

Rahaman laid her in his dirty bed, where two dirty pillows were kept. Rahaman said, Darling, do you know in that day where was your maid Arati?He is now at India, our driver from the period of my father, he is very faithful to our family. All the servant quarter including the driver’s quarters is in the ground floor. I noticed during few months my mom, after returning from office, she keeps her busy in make up her. Every evening my mom take a bath and then she dried her hairs and put her feet in hot water and after that polished her nails and others.All the day I pass my time with our servants, they love me so much. The secret story of our family today I’m going to share with you. She used to do waxing very frequently to keep skin very silky and polished.Telling this he was laughing, and my mom was also smiling and she also hugged him and their lips were locked instead of door lock.

Her slick fair fingers with redish nail polish were holding the head of Rahaman. Rahaman’s 6 ft 2 inch healthy black body was half covered by mom’s milky fair body.

Some times I try to think why mom did all in bed time, but could not to ask.

They were the first couple eliminated, on March 30, 2010.… continue reading »

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