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It totals over 290 pages and includes more than 100 charts, figures and illustrations.Vision Consult reports on interactive results from all the key players, and considers the potential of various levels of interactivity, from „Enhanced TV“ (no return path, signals broadcast in the TV stream), to full interactivity. Upon mutual consent of the parties to an action, and with the approval of the court, the notice requirements may be waived to allow for the conducting of proceedings upon short notice. Upon the mutual consent of the parties, and with the approval of the court, an attorney for a party may be present and participate at an ITV site other than the one from which the party will participate. Each ITV site must provide a facility for a private attorney-client conference apart from, but located near, the ITV site. A facsimile machine must be available at each ITV site for use in conjunction with an ITV proceeding. The public must be permitted to see and hear any ITV proceeding from the courtroom unless the hearing is restricted by state law or court order. Arrangements for the use and operation of the ITV equipment must be made with the clerk of court for each county where the ITV equipment will be used. The clerk of court shall ensure the ITV equipment is functional and that qualified personnel are present to operate the ITV equipment and instruct the participants on its proper use. In the event of equipment failure, such failure is "good cause" for purposes of a continuance, and the proceeding must be continued until reset by the clerk of court or district court administrator. Barclay carried out interviews and research at IBC Amsterdam, Seybold Boston, NAB Las Vegas, and AIC’s European Interactive TV conference.Research was also undertaken in the Boston, Berlin and Paris offices.It is the intent of the pilot project to enhance the current level of judicial services available in the outlying counties of the South Central Judicial District and not in any way to reduce the current level of judicial services to such counties. In a civil action, the court may conduct a hearing conference, or other proceeding and permit the taking of testimony by ITV unless a party objects.

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TV“ and „Opportunities in Streaming Media“ reports.

Stephen, a BA Honours Business Studies student at the University of Hertfordshire, has spent a placement year with Vision Consult researching Streaming Media and Interactive TV.