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18-Oct-2020 01:43

* client: fix bug in work fetch that prevented resource backoff. Work around a bug in wx Widgets 2.8.x which fails to call On Exit() when Windows is shut down, causing any changes to Manager settings to be lost. * VBOX: Disable USB support in virtual machines by default.* client: fix bug in work fetch that caused infinite RPCs if all projects backed off. On Linux the currently signed-in user has to be added to the vboxusers group in order to handle bridging USB devices.* VBOX: Adjust the set_cpu_usage() and set_network_usage() function prototypes to use ints and handle the preference conversion in the calling function.* VBOX: Set the minimum CPU usage value to 5%, if for some reason somebody chooses 0% (on purpose or bug) Virtual Box goes nuts.

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* client: task schedule tweak to avoid starvation case.

This should give the VM at least enough time to render a few frames and eventually boot. * VBOX: Adjust the failsafe minimum CPU Usage value to 1. * boinccmd: check RPC replies for errors; show them.

* VBOX: a value of 0 in means "no limit", so set it to 100 if it is 0. * VBOX: Break the modify VM phase into smaller chunks.

* client: apply app_settings after each scheduler RPC.

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* Mac: update build instructions for GIT instead of SVN.In enforce_run_list(), don't count the RAM usage of NCI tasks.