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10-Dec-2019 14:24

Far from suffering from the "feature creep" that typically bogs down operating systems over time, i OS has managed to stay relatively snappy and is more internally consistent than anything else available today.And i OS 8 — launching on devices this fall — looks to evolve the story even further.GOOD NEWS UPDATE [ displays a “Trash All” button after Edit is pressed!If your phone won’t handle 9.0.2, the following procedure is often successful; read the comments for a detailed description of hundreds of people’s successes and failures. I present to you this great tip from shashbasharat found on Mac Rumors (slightly edited for clarity).

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For the sake of simplicity (and because it's a much-less awkward phrase), I'm going to indulge in a little revisionist history here and refer to all versions of the operating system as "i OS" in this piece.

I didn’t discover the method—it’s far from obvious—but found it on one of many Apple discussion threads bemoaning this irritating hole in Mail functionality.

If you leave your i Device on for a few days and come back to find a few hundred messages on it that you’ve already downloaded elsewhere this trick will save you time and irritation.

Although it may be difficult to imagine now, when the original i Phone was introduced, it was actually well behind the competition when it came to a strict feature-by-feature comparison.

Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, and even Black Berry were all established systems in 2007, with a wide and deep array of features.How did we get from a platform that began without third-party apps, multitasking, or even copy / paste support to where we are today?